Top first steps

Early Passion

Ibrahima „Top“ Camara is a professional dancer, choreographer and drummer born in Guinee in 1981. His talent for dancing was discovered early, he started regular training at the age of 11, followed by a thorough formation at Sourahata Ballet, Yahanke Kunda Ballet and Ballet de Matam beginning one year later.
At the age of 14 he had first engagements at professional dance groups and participated in national competitions. Because of his success in the competitions Ibrahima was given the nickname Top in Conakry - the capital and epicentre of the vibrant dance scene of Guinee.

Own Paths

Top first steps

Although the international ensemble „Les Ballets Africains“ was already knocking at the door Top decided to go his own way. Individual expression and uncensored creativity was and is very important to him – as dancer and choreographer. Educated in the traditional West African Dances he also likes to push old limits and try out new styles.
From 1999 till 2001 he was solist at the Sourahata Ballet, until 2006 he was performing with Ballet de Matam all over West Africa. At the same time he started to work on own choreographies.

2006 he formed his own group in the neighbour state Gambia: The „Badeya Cultural Dance Group“ performed successfully at festivals and created an regular income for the dancers and musicians. It was in that time that the autodidact learned English and was able to teach his international students in French and English.

New Shores

Since 2014 Top lives in Germany and teaches in Cologne and Berlin. In 2015 workshops are planned all over Europe (Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, Finnland, and France).